The Archangels Choir

Archangel Michael and the DevilHierarchy: Third Angelic Triad
Order/Choir: Eighth Choir
Classified: Archangels
Origin of Name: The Etymology of the English word Archangel, originated from two Greek words archo, meaning the first in rule or power, and angelos meaning "messenger."
Alternate Name(s): 
Reports to: 
Pseudo-Dionysius Archangels: Chamuel (a.k.a. Camael), Gabriel, Jophiel, Michael (a.k.a. Mikael), Raphael, Uriel, Zadkiel
Talismanic Archangels: Camael (a.k.a. Chamuel), Gabriel, Haniel (a.k.a. Anael, Aniel, Hamiel), Michael (a.k.a. Mikael), Raphael, Zadkiel, Zaphkiel
Ethiopic Enoch Archangels: Gabriel, Michael (a.k.a. Mikael), Raguel, Raphael, Remiel, Uriel, Zerachiel
Hebrew Enoch Archangels: Baradiel, Baraqiel, Gabriel, Mikael (a.k.a. Michael), Shachaqiel, Shatqiel, Sidriel
Testament of Solomon Archangels: Adonael, Arael, Gabriel, Iaoth, Mikael (a.k.a. Michael), Sabrael, Uriel
Christian Gnostic Archangels: Barachiel, Gabriel, Jehudiel, Michael (a.k.a. Mikael), Raphael, Sealtiel, Uriel
Gregory the Great Archangels: Gabriel, Michael (a.k.a. Mikael), Orifiel, Raphael, Samiel, Uriel, Zachariel
Geonic Lore Archangels: Aniel (a.k.a. Anael, Hamiel, Haniel), Famael, Gabriel, Kafziel, Michael (a.k.a. Mikael), Raphael, Zadkiel
Hierarchy of the Blessed Angels Archangels: Adabiel, Chamuel (a.k.a. Camael), Gabriel, Haniel (a.k.a. Anael, Aniel, Hamiel), Michael (a.k.a. Mikael), Raphael, Zaphiel
Princes of the Archangels: Barachiel, Barbiel, Gabriel, Jehudiel, Metatron (a.k.a. Metratton, Mittron, Metaraon, Merraton), Michael (a.k.a. Mikael), Raphael, Satan (before his fall)
Eastern Orthodox Archangels: Barachiel, Gabriel, Jegudiel, Michael (a.k.a. Mikael), Raphael, Selaphiel (a.k.a. Salaphiel), Uriel
Other Archangels: Nemamiah


Physical Appearance:

  • Archangels are said to be slightly larger than a common Angels

Symbolized By:

Primary Role(s):

  • Archangels have the unique role of being God's messenger to the people at critical times in history and salvation
  • Archangels bring messages of Divine decrees to earth
  • Archangels are called "the heralds of good news" and announce great and glorious events
  • Archangels receive understanding of God's will from the higher orders of Angels and relate it to the lower order of Angels that interact with humans
  • Archangels help watch over the true or common Angels 

Noted For:

  • Archangels are generally taken to mean "chief or leading Angel"
  • Archangels may be of the Archangel Order/Choir, or, other hierarchial Orders/Choirs
  • Archangels are best known for their roles as messengers in the Bible
  • The Archangel Gabriel told Mary of her upcoming birth of Jesus Christ
  • Guardians of people and all physical things
  • Archangels are said to be very powerful
  • Archangels number seven in most texts composed by various sources and authorities. However, few of these sources reflect the same seven Archangels
  • Most of the Angels described as being Archangels are in fact Seraphim, Cherubim or Dominions which would imply that Archangels are not truly a distinct class, but rather an elite group of Angels given special purpose beyond that of their actual Order/Choir
  • Archangels are considered Angels of the world


"Millions of spiritual creatures walk the earth. Unseen, both when we wake and when we sleep."
-- John Milton

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"Come to the edge, he said. They said: we are afraid. Come to the edge, he said. They came. He pushed them and they flew."
-- Guillaume Apollinaire


"For he shall give his Angels charge over thee to keep thee in all thy ways. They shall bear thee up in their hands, least thou dash thy foot against a stone."
-- Psalm 91:11

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"A real friend is like an Angel who warns you by her presence and remembers you in her prayers."
-- Anonymous

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"An Angel can illuminate the thought and mind of man by strengthening the power of vision."
-- St. Thomas Aquinas

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"The reason Angels can fly is because they take themselves lightly."
-- G.K. Chesterton

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"Be like the bird that, pausing in her flight awhile on boughs too slight, feels them give way beneath her, and yet sings, knowing that she hath wings."
-- Victor Hugo